Company Formation in India

What is better than being your own boss? With more technology and access to services, there is a rise in the desire and demands of new business ventures.

Forming a company in India is very easy now with the following steps:

  • Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate

  • Filing of MOA and AOA, SPICe INC- 32

  • Issue the Incorporation Certificate

  • Get PAN and TAN applications

If you wish to have a company of your own, RSG would help you from the very first base till the last step.

Business Taxation

Exactly what it sounds like, a tax on the income from your business is your business tax and the Government of India requires every business entity, whether you are a sole proprietor, partner,  or a corporation, to be adhering to tax regulations.

We at RSG help you produce:

  • Gross receipts tax

  • Corporate franchise tax

  • Employment withholding tax

  • Goods and Services Tax

  • Dividend distribution tax

Be it tax levied by the central government, state government or the local authorities, you’d have no worries. It is our business to keep your business smooth.


The Section 44AB of India’s Income Tax Act , mandates that every person whose business turnover exceeds INR1 crore and every person working in a profession with gross receipts exceeding INR25 lakh must have their accounts audited by an independent chartered accountant.

  • Internal audit

  • Statutory audit

  • Cost audit

  • Secretarial audit

  • Income tax audit

Auditing determines the integrity of the accounting system of a company  add credibility to your business for the accuracy . RSG ensures hassle free auditing of your year long expenses, transactions and income.




Auditing & Risk Assurance



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